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My Story


Firstly I can't believe I am almost 50! Not sure that lights me up but I will tell you what does.


Being a solo mum to one girl human and two boy Italian greyhounds, homemaking, building my business, performing & creating content. 


I have a life long love affair with the mind, body and and wellbeing, which has inspired my work and love of travel, food & nature. 


I am a minimalist who loves beautiful things. I write poetry, paint large abstract canvases, take photos & film everything because I need to record & capture the beauty I see & feel. I am a writer as a way to process & understanding life’s complexities and manage my super-fast brain & hyper-focused creativity.


I am the outcome and combination of an unusual and early life privilege of seeing and experiencing the world at an impressionable age, followed by a somewhat traumatised childhood. I have recently had a late diagnosis of ADHD which has in a strange and beautiful way brought it all together.


I am the daughter of an antique dealer and artist father, married to my mother who didn't accept the status quo and loved adventure. Neither lived long enough or did they get the opportunity to live out their to lives to fulfil their completeness.


As a child I was profoundly inspired by my grandparents, my grandpa a man of the cloth and my granny a woman of spiritual callings as well as an artist, like her sisters and my great-grandmother. It is fair to say I am born from a line of an eclectic and beautifully eccentric characters.


I am a school dropout, well-trained and mostly self-taught. I describe myself as an eternal student reaching toward a greater understanding of the human condition and evolution especially my own. I like to believe I walk my talk.


I am an empath and an introverted extrovert moved and stimulated by peoples story's, by outside the box thinkers, poetry, books, film & philosophy. 


I believe in love, life force and. the power of human evolution I consider myself a storyteller that loves to write & share & have great & inspiring conversations.


I was once told as a young ambitious woman in my early twenties “Emily you are a jack of all and  a Master on none!” I carried this and still do, it hurt me then and now… I see his words as a great power and strength.


To help others make the change that makes the change desired for better in their lives.


To live fully and know I lived well. While supporting others who wish to do the same. To leave this earth a little better than when I arrived.

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