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My Story

About Emily

It's 2023 and I am now fifty, here’s a little glimpse of what has shaped me and beyond my 34 years in the health & and wellness industry.


I am and have always been a solo mama to one child and now a beautiful happy young woman and human being we have two boy-Iggy's (Italian greyhounds) I am Irish and live by the sea on the east coast of England, I am late diagnosed with ADHD and a peri-menopausal woman.


My passions encompass homemaking, continuous learning, and immersing myself in specific energetic corners of the world where I find refuge, and can refuel my spirit, find solace, and delve deeply into personal growth. This reservoir of experiences feeds into my life's work, empowering me to make a positive impact through my business, where I am honored to guide others toward living well each day.


From an early age, the intricate connections between the mind, body, and overall well-being have captivated me. This fascination has not only shaped my professional journey but has also ignited a deep love for travel, a profound appreciation for nourishing nutrition, and a reverence for the healing embrace of nature.


I've transformed from a recovered hoarder, over-eater, people-pleaser, and party girl and now identify as a minimalist who loves beautiful things, a food lover, and possess an intuitive understanding of my own needs and those of others. My joy springs from the purity of simplicity, which I channel through creative outlets such as writing, poetry, crafting expansive abstract canvases, photography, and filmmaking. These mediums provide me with a voice to capture not only beauty but also the injustices that reverberate globally. They serve as tools for navigating life's intricacies, taming my rapid thoughts, and channeling my intensely focused creativity.


My journey is a tapestry woven with threads of unique experiences. A non-traditional upbringing unveiled the world to me at an impressionable age, followed by a childhood marked by challenges. More recently, a belated ADHD diagnosis has gracefully woven an unexpected thread, illuminating my path in profound ways.


My parents, both adventurers who yearned to break free from the confines of convention, sadly never had the chance to fully realize their own dreams. Their spirit of exploration resides within me, urging me forward.


In my formative years, the influence of my grandparents was instrumental. My grandfather, a man of the cloth, and my grandmother, a spiritually inspired artist and animal activist, etched a lasting impression on my soul. A lineage of wonderfully eclectic and eccentric individuals courses through my veins, of which I am fiercely proud.


While formal education was elusive due to the challenges of my early years and undiagnosed ADHD, I have embraced the role of an impassioned autodidact. Continuously drawn to unraveling the complexities of human existence and our conscious evolution, I consider myself a perpetual student who actively lives the principles I hold dear.


Balancing empathy with my introspective extroversion, I find myself captivated by the narratives of others, drawn to unorthodox thinkers, and enamored with poetry, literature, films, and philosophical ponderings. I treasure the transformative power of connection, recognizing that a life force and love drive us all forward on our journeys.


Within me thrives a storyteller, compelled to share my insights through the written word and engage in meaningful dialogues that bridge understanding.


Once upon a time, when I was in my early twenties and the world lay before me like an open oyster, the grit of my childhood had transformed into the beauty of my youth. Life stretched out, pearly white and pure, brimming with choices, freedom, and joy. At that juncture, a man—my boss at the time—sat me down with good intentions and shared, "Emily, you're a jack of all trades and a master of none!" Though those words left a sting, they ignited a long and transformative journey as I sought to seek my mastery. Through this odyssey, I've learned to embrace self-appreciation in all its unique and diverse facets, finding abundant wealth within my wellspring of courage, strength, and empowerment.



To help others make positive change in their  lives.


To live fully and know I lived well. While supporting others to do the same.

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