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Apr 14, 2023 - Apr 20, 2023

H/H Reset

  • 7Days


What you will gain from doing the Reset? * Clean up your food choices. * Stop sabotaging your health * Maintain your ideal weight. * Get clear on what is healthy and what is not. * No more fad diets, no diets needed, ever! * Uncover foods that may cause you issues, eliminate & replace. * Clear up & improve your skin * Gain more energy. * Build foundations for everyday healthy habits & apply through your life time * Learn easy simple & new healthy recipes * Make healthy uncomplicated. * Normalise healthy in your family environment. * Feel good in your body and your clothes. * Feel clear in your mind and around your cycle/hormones. * How to do a healthy shop on a budget. * How to order healthy meals at a restaurant * Navigate friend/family functions & avoid feeling shame for your choices. * Inspire those around you to develop healthy habits! What's Included: * 7 amazing days with Emily Dawson as your coach guide & mentor. * Private Reset Community Group for support, motivation & ideas. * Recipes, food & prep guide ebook * Pep talks & prep * Live Video Call for Q+A Day 1 & Day 6 £67 p/p Couples or 2 in same house hold share /pay £47 each Those with low income email me I offer the H/H Reset for a small & affordable donation to a food bank or charity of choice. After you register I’ll add you to the group and send info.






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