Emily Dawson

The things that fill me up 

Being a mum to one girl human & two boy iggy's, home making, business building, performing, content creating, writing & painting, I am an empath, an introverted extrovert, with a deep love for travel, food, nature, beautiful things, learning, connection & conversation & peoples stories.

Things that I struggle with

A late diagnosis of adult ADHD which means a dysfunctional pre frontal lobe that is genetic, that can not be fixed, but can be managed & medicated ADHD presents as imposter syndrome, time blindness, rejection sensitivity, staying on task & memory retention, I may forget your name but not your story.



Job description -

As a Health & Wellness Coach I incorporate my skills as a Personal trainer. Yoga Teacher. Nutritional Consultant & Life Coach.

Experience -

I have been working as a health and wellness coach inspiring and helping people adopt healthy habits for 30 + years.

Service -

Healthie Homie offers personal training & mentoring, incorporates fitness, nutrition, yoga,  meditation, relaxation, nutrition & life coaching.

Qualifications -

Emily qualified as a Fitness Instructor in Ireland in 1991, as a Fitness Leader in Australia 1993, a Personal Trainer Australia in 1994, YMCA, Level 3 Advanced  Fitness Instructor. 1999 Personal trainer Award. 2007 Christopher Howard Training's Life Coach, Master Results Trainer, NLP & Hypnosis. 2009 Yogassana & Absolute Yoga Michelle Besnard 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  2010 Continued Yoga Training with Siva Rea, Sumudra, global school of living yoga. 2011 Relax Kids Program training.