• Emily Dawson


Updated: Jan 15, 2019

...to love & accept.

Tapping also is known as eft [emotional freedom technique] is a powerful, quick and easy tool for helping yourself to get through blocks, old programming, release baggage and to clear the way for thinking and feeling better, sometimes instantly.

Tapping is one of the many a tools I love and use most days to better the small stuff that can sometimes feel too big to tackle.

With eft, you can take self-help and care into your own hands literally.

How Eft / Tapping works -

In a patterned order, you gently tap on specific acupressure points around certain areas of the body that correlate with brain and long-held often solidified beliefs, tapping helps to break these synaptic connections and reprogram better healthier beliefs and connections.

As you tap you recognize certain long-held programs and patterns while talking and tapping your way through and out of them.

Tapping is a mind-blowing technique that allows the individual to start being one hundred percent responsible while recognizing self-acceptance and self -love.

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