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Simple Home Workout Equipment List

Updated: Mar 23

Here at H/H HQ we believe in simple, easy & effective.

Start building your minimalist home gym. You don't need loads more stuff in your life you just need the basics, the minimal equipment that won’t take up space or fill your house with things you won’t use.

You can build your mini home gym so that you can always workout from home effectively & efficiently.

I have sourced the cheapest items for you however prices change, shop around & purchase what suits you & your budget best. I am not affiliated with any of the links provided, I have purchased the items listed.

When you visit these sites there is usually a discount on your first purchase make use of that offer.

Feel free to share great finds & discounts with the Healthie Homie Community on IG or the Website app (have you joined yet link on my website)

H/H Basic Equipment List

1X Long Band

Cost £5 there are 2 sizes I recommend

19mm - 20.5kg17.5 - 45lbs

32mm - 38.5kg35 - 85lbs


Small band

2X 2kg Dumbells cost around £12 or more for 2.

Jump Rope

Weighted Vest

ketle Bells

1X Kettle Bell - If you are new to training you will want to start at an

6 to 8KG

If you are training a wee while go straight for the 12KG

Cost from £29+ -10% discount on first purchase (you can shop around for discounts & sales)



16KG Kettle Bell - Save 1/3Was £45.00


12KG Kettle Bell -

10Kg Kettle Bell -

Any queries please email or leave a message.

Enjoy building your home gym.

Fit for purpose!

Emily Dawson

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