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Diamonds & Pearls.

The connection between brain health and mouth hygiene.

I once worked as a dental nurse assistant and I got to see first hand the cause and effects of a lifetime of poor teeth and mouth care. The work, time and cost to recover and often replace teeth set me up for life with good mouth hygine habits.

I also had the good fortune to be given teeth braces as a teen, it was years of metal-pain and a rough orthodontist, however now I greatly appreciate my teeth. I remind my daughter (to often) that her teeth are more valuable than all the diamonds and peals.

Brush your teeth.

We all know that brushing your teeth is not an option, if you want a healthy gums and teeth that last a life time without odour, pain, visits to the emergency dentist, expensive procedures, - crowns, fillings and even denatures! Brushing is a must an electric tooth brush for at least 2 minutes is optimal for cleaner teeth and gums.

But did you know that there is much more to a beautiful smile than just brushing your teeth?

Floss daily.

Did you know that the simple act of flossing your teeth can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s! But should you bother if you are still young? The answer is yes Alzheimer’s is a disease that starts younger than you might think & you wont know, it develops and makes progress as you age, but by which time you realise it is to late to reverse so the earlier you take preventative measure the better.

Bacteria is alive and dwells happily logged between your teeth, if not removed with flossing daily this bacteria reproduces more bacteria thus deteriorating the health of your gums, causing gingivitis, your gums are in your mouth which are in your head, your brain also lives in your head. Your brain does not function well with bacteria. The Gums are very close to your brain & it is vital that you keep them very clean, this includes regular (every 6 months) visits to your dentist / hygienist for a deep clean.

Tongue scraping / Tongue Hygiene More common now in the west but has been practiced in ancient cultures like Africa, Arabia, Europe, South America and many eastern and oriental cultures for centuries.These metal or copper tools are hand held & do what they say, pulled and scraped over the surface of the tongue removing a layer of mouth plaque, a saliva substance which you spit out, as you do when washing your teeth. You will see that you remove a white layer that is common on the tongue and not a healthy sign, mostly due to an unhealthy diet and poor mouth hygiene.


Your diet as you know has an obvious effect on your teeth, you are taught this since the time you could hold a tooth brush & you in turn teach your kids, however it is not just sugar that causes tooth decay, brittle and stained teeth but your diet as a whole will effect the health of your teeth. When I go to the dentist the dentist actually asks what I am doing to maintain my teeth in such good health, I say, it's my diet, they look at me like I am mad but it is true I have a healthy clean set of pearls in my mouth and a value them highly.

The Ci7 Reset program teaches you to eat an alkaline diet, to move away from an addictive, acidic diet that causes inflammation and disease in the body, as well as poor mouth hygiene. That does not mean you cannot have foods you love, but you do learn what effects you your body, your complexion and your teeth, you learn how to eat in balance for your best health everyday and a little moderation when it comes to foods that may not support the above.

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