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darkness to light

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

nurturing balance

Light naturally represents a new day, clarity, energy and a feeling of safety. Darkness holds for many less enlightened aspects like fear, the unknown, uncertain and unsafe, stuff happens in the dark, that can not happen in the day, like monsters under our beds, and noises in the night.

Yin and yang in Chinese philosophy represent dark and light, Yin is darkness, the moon, and the feminine, Yang is light, the sun and is the masculine. Too much of either or restriction of either can cause sickness according to Chinese medicine.

Historically and through time man in the Northern hemisphere has celebrated the return of light mid-winter the winter solstice from the 21 of December the birth of the Sun, adopted and replaced from paganism into Christianity as the birth of the Son of God, 25 December.

The solstice was originally celebrated as a time when people could not work due to the short days and lack of light instead waiting for the return to light in January, the 12 days to rebirth was a time for remaining indoors, feasting, celebrating before returning to labor in the fields for another spin around the sun.

For the ancients the darkest period of the year, winter solstice also represented the veil that could be penetrated into the other worlds the change over, that there was an opening for shamans and healers this was an opportunity to do the inner work required.

I love the darker days of winter for me it is an opportunity to hibernate. Although I would consider myself someone who blossoms come summer, the winter provides the balance to go within, to nurture, nourish, rest and most importantly to create. It may come as a surprise to many but I spend a lot of time in darkness, silence and focused creativity.

Here are some ideas on how you can best utilize the darkest days of the year.

  • What projects have you wanted to start or complete on? Now is the time to that?

  • Have you started your meditation practice yet? Winter is the perfect time to do that.

  • What would you like to study but have put off due to parenting, family, household responsibilities, work and time?

  • Which books would you like to read?

  • Films to watch?

  • What creative family activities can you do together at home?

  • What recipes would you like to experiment with but never seem to have time, how about now?

  • What have you been putting off in your home that you could utilize these inside days to work on and or complete?

  • How about sorting out places in your home that you have ignored, draws, filing, spare rooms, attics etc...

We can be very productive don't give up waiting for the light to return.

Darkness is as important as the light, we need both, acknowledging both within and without in all aspects of our life. We are shown this as reflected in the turning of the earth. To claim only the light is not in nature and a cause for imbalance, as a human we are always unconsciously working towards a happy healthy equilibrium of sorts too much of anything causes imbalance.

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