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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Humans are beautifully sensitive beings, we navigate our journey by the way we feel, we feel love, we feel pain, we feel sad as much as we can feel happy, scared until we are safe, anxious followed by calm, satisfaction may become irritation, desire to anger and conflict to peace. We can even feel a dichotomy of pure joy and at the same time heartbreaking pain, we can feel hope, and hopelessness and all at the same time. It is quite beautiful how we feel so deeply, a knowing that has no logic and yet all the wisdom in the world.

Our feelings are not always acknowledged or encouraged, in a world where "I am fine", is the right answer to "how are you today?" An emoji for each emotion, social media for 24/7 distraction, recycled dramatized news keep our nervous systems lit adding a conditioned dose of logic and sensibility keeps you safe and others comfortable.

So what do you do when you feel feelings that you don't want to feel and they won't go away?

It is not often said and yet helpful to know that you do not have to make your uncomfortable feelings go away, that it is okay to feel, and that there is a possibility that these feelings are trying to talk to you, that they were always there and have only just got louder the more you have pushed them away.

But you could listen, you could listen like you would to a friend, you could have an inner conversation with your feelings rather than discount and disconnect them, that you might find that there is an underlying teaching, maybe not one that you want to hear, but one you might need to hear and from there be able to work with and move through your feelings of discomfort to a better feeling place, a place where you might find a strength to work it out.

For some and many, there is no reason, you just are, you just do wake up some days in a place of total paralyzes, it happens more than not, you may have a diagnosis, and medical help, and hopefully that supports and helps you cope and live as best you can.

All bodies inevitably travel through the seasons of physicality, cascades of hormones, and the flux of aging, disease, disharmony, miscommunication, and breakdown, each causing its own life of emotions.

Firstly assessing your current life and season in life can help remove concerns that may be out of your control like age-related hormones that are especially sensitive. Tracking symptoms and cycles are helpful to educate oneself to support physical and mental well-being.

As well as checking the quality of your sleep, demands, stress, diet & lifestyle.

Think of making a regular self-check-in to measure how well you are doing by how you are feeling, you are in charge of looking after and protecting your well-being, being able to ask for help mentally and or physically when you need it. Asking for help can be the hardest.

If you would like to know how I move through a blip read this

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Waiver- If you need help with your mental health please make sure that you see a specialist. This information is not a substitute for professional help. I write as a life coach, from my personal investment and development, learnings and personal experience and how I manage my own emotions and life's challenges

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