• Emily Dawson

Free Write

Here's How...

What is Free Writing?

Writing down from a free stream of thought or consciousness, and no it is not some kind of spiritual channeling that the world needs. It is simply inner thoughts, of which, as you well know, we have many... 20-60,0000 plus a day to be precise! With that many thinking's going through our mind, it is a wonder we can cope with our thoughts as well as the bombardment of stimuli coming at us throughout our waking hours.

Who is free writing For?

You do not have to be a writer or even enjoy writing, you can keep or put your writings in the bin or burn them, it does not matter, the outcome is not to look back at or read over, but to release into black and white, onto paper to make sense of the parts of your life that often do not and no matter whom you may ask advice or counsel you seek, you can find they or anyone cannot really give you your answer, your truth, the clarity you seek, everyone has a different opinion depending on their own values and perspectives.

Why Free write?

If you are willing to set aside a little time with a sheet of A4 and a pen you will find you have the answers you seek. You know your own truth, sometimes you just have to allow, to trust & to listen to your inner voice, freewriting can help you to do this.

Try this for 1 week and see what comes of it.

With a clean sheet of paper or a specially designated journal or just use whatever you like or have.

Set aside some quiet time in your day & set your timer for 5 to 10 minutes without thinking to hard write down the first word & or thought that comes to mind, it does not have to make sense, be spelt or be grammatically correct, just keep a free stream of thought from pen to paper, write until the timer goes off.

This might stop & start you may feel conscious, put all your judgemental thoughts down on the paper too.

Stop when the timer goes off & do it again tomorrow.

Try this for 5 to 7 days as an experiment perhaps start with an intention to get clarity on a certain question and or area of your life and see if you gain that by the weeks end of daily free writing.


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