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Gift of time.

Unprecedented a word we have heard a lot in this period of covid and one we will look back as pivoting and I hope a positive moment in our lives.

We could not have made this up, a highly contagious virus spreading like wildfire across not just a nation, but the globe, a pandemic devastating lives, livelihoods, closing down business and life as we knew it, bringing mankind to her knees. The question many may have is -is this is where we need to be, down on our knees, not so much in prayer but in humility of how - how out of control we really are when it comes to mother nature and the destiny of our lives.

This is not intended to alarm but rather to remind you of the opportunity that you currently hold in the palm of your hand, time. Time to think, be bored, stay home sort out your baggage, your life your relationships and your dreams.

A man on his deathbed has no desire for more money, sex or success, but time... he just wants more time.

Reflect, meditate, talk it through, work it out, let it go, love hard, be kind, gentle, hug, hold, be, cook, read, nap... understand and realign your own values.

Time is a precious secret commodity, it cannot be bought, purchased, owed or resuscitated. Time can be appreciated as an opportunity, a blessing, you have been given the gift of time, use it wisely now.

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