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Rhubarb Season

Updated: Apr 25

Make this healthy fast sweet treat if you love rhubarbs tart flavors with a sweet kick, sugar-free, this is perfect for the spring season enjoyed at breakfast or as a light pudding.

Makes for: 4 to 6 or a few toppings.

Keeps: refrigerated for up to a week, can also be frozen.

20 mins to make


Chopping board, sharp knife. Pan, I use The Our Place 2.0 all-purpose pan. A glass jar to store.


A bunch of fresh rhubarb washed & chopped.

A tea cup of water

1 tablespoon of erythritol (non sugar sugar)

1 tsp cinnamon

Tiny sprinkle of clove & nutmeg powder.

Third Tsp Ground Cardoman

Ginger fresh chopped or juiced or powdered & to taste.

To Make: Wash & chop the rhubarb & place in to a pan pour over with water, add erythritol & spices cook on a high heat until rhubarb is soft about 7-8 minutes, turn off heat allow to cool decante into a jar allow to cool, place a lid & into the fridge will keep for up to a week.

Can be used to make a fresh Crumble added to breakfast with Granola or if you love rhubarb good solo.

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