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Grounding also is known as earthing, means to get your feet, or any part of your body on, or on the ground to connect directly with earth energy.

We all have busy lives online and off, and we can find ourselves feeling out of sorts, spaced out, overwhelmed, even ill. This can be for a number of reasons, the main being that we have become so disconnected with nature, surrounded by "electromagnetic pollution" or "dirty electricity, causing another element of concern about air pollution.

The easiest, quickest, cheapest and most simple grounding method is to get outside and simply sit under a tree, or stand barefoot on the ground, the earth, you can even still gain the benefits of grounding from standing on concrete, but you won't on wooden, plastic or rubber flooring.

Grounding will instantly put you into an alkaline state of health and well-being. A very supportive effective go-to tool to know and have in your health belt.

Emily offers a Grounding Meditation group class weekly at the Garden Gate Project, Margate.

Every Thursday through SUmmer in Margate, Kent, England from 2 - 3 PM

Pay on the day £3 goes to garden @thegardengateproject

Learn with Emily, to take a moment in an over stimulated,overwhelming world & find that inner peace & love starts & ends with you.

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