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H/H Shop List

Hello Healthie Habits

Fresh & Frozen Fruit & Veg


Mixed summer berries & pineapple

x2 bags each

​Selection of Fresh - Blueberries strawberries & raspberries.

x1 Punnet of choice each

Frozen Spinach

x1 bag

Fresh lemons & limes

x1 bag each

Herbs fresh & dry


Apples (pink ladies taste best)


All veg that you like & especially a good selection of greens

Quantity that your household requires

1x sweet potato

x1 or more depending household

Red or white Cabbage




Feta Cheese


Greek Yogurt

x2 large tubs

Hummus or make your own

x2 tubs (or make own)

Plain Kefir (sugar free)

7 small bottles or 1 large

Fresh or frozen Fish (no seasoning)

Enough for as many meals with fish you would like & depending household.

Chicken & or Meat - no seasoning

Enough for as many meals with fish you would like & depending household.

Dry & Panrty




Brown rice (short grain tastiest)

x1 bag

Selection of plain beans in cans (for ease) or packets.

As you need

Canned coconut milk full fat

x1 can

Canned tomatoes


Selection of canned fish water-based


​Crunchy peanut butter, no palm oil & only if no allergies or intolerance to peanuts.

x1 tub or jar

Cold pressed olive oil

x1 Glass bottle

Coconut oil cold pressed

​x1 Jar

Apple cider vinegar

​x1 Bottle

​Miso Paste

​x1 Jar

Spices including - Turmeric, curry powder, cayenne

selection of choice 1 small bottle each

Raw nuts (not roasted sugar-coated or salted)

Selection of choice

Choice of dairy-free milks -optional (NOT Oat Milk)

To last a week in your home

​70% Dark chocolate

1 or 2 bars

Erythritol granules

​x1 bag (most supermarkets or online)

Selection of Herbal teas


100% Cocoa powder green & blacks is fine.


​The following are optional & not compulsory, purchase from health food shop or online.


Cocoa nibs

Hemp protein powder

​Cinnamon powder

Maca Powder

Green powders include -Chlorella, Spirulina & or wheat grass powder.

100gs or more & ou can buy these from most large supermarket chains.

Beetroot powder


Rose essence water (sugar free)

x1 bottle

Want to know how to make healthy delicious exciting & lifelong?

Join us on the H/H Reset for guidance support & results.

Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list for the next date

announcement for the H/H Reset.

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