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Home-Made Probiotics

Probiotics are a under utilised food that is easily available to everyone without cost, full of nourishing micronutrients and can be made effortlessly at home. Probiotics are rich in beneficial bacteria due to the traditional fermentation process.

Above is home-made red-cabbage probiotic vegetables, they are kept in the fridge once they have fermented which takes 4-5 days sitting aired n a dark cupboard in your home. They can be eaten as a condiment with your meal. This is a simple easy recipe for you to start with.

Side note:

If you are scared to make your own probiotics because of the idea and look of the fermentation process? Let me say that it is a completely rational belief, as humans we have an inbuilt fear of food that is gone off, not right smelling badly, infected. Before refrigeration, as hunters and gatherers, it's in our DNA, we relied on our senses, knowledge to guide us away from food poisoning and potentially dying.

Also today everything is over sanitised and presently in the year of Covid_19 it just got a whole lot worse!

However you cannot really go wrong with probiotics as there is nothing but an old cabbage in a jar. If by chance it does taste unusual, which is tricky because if you are not accustomed to eating home made probiotics you will think it tastes odd, until you acquire a taste for them.

A note on - Bought jarred sauerkraut - unless specifically purchased and labelled as a probiotic is NOT the same, these products are full of sugar and salt, as are all pickled vegetables in a jar they are not beneficial in any way for your best health.

When making your own fermented foods the fermentation process requires that bacteria develops and becomes beneficial and nourishing full of micronutrients that are especially good for your digestion gut.

Vegan Gluten Free


Slow Juicer (optional) or a sharp knife & chopping board

A big mason jug or large strong glass jar to store


1x white or purple cabbage.

Juice of 4x lemons

Note: You can add apple & carrots as well as herbs & spices but best to keep this simple so you can make mistakes and learn.

To Make:

1. Keep 2 leaves in tact before chopping and from the second layer of the cabbage for the purpose of covering the probiotics while they are fermenting.

2. Chop the cabbage, or use a food processor, I use my juicer (slow juicer) then combine the juice & pulp.

3. Mix in the lemon juice

4. Put the cabbage into a large jar and push the cabbage down to compact the cabbage into the jar tightly.

5. Cover the probiotics with the leaves.

6. Cover with a muslin/napkin/tea-towel something that is breathable & hold in place with an elastic band.

5. Place the jar outside of the fridge at room temperature or some where warm and leave for 03 to 05 days, before placing in air tight jars in the fridge.

You can eat as a condiment, a side dish with meals or on its own.

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