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How to be your own therapist sometimes.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This is how I find some clarity and relief when things seem hard.

Acknowledge how you feel - feeling like ~ emptiness, uncertain, unsafe, upset, angry, pain, jealous, envious, hurt, sad, lonely, loss, lost, unworthy, failed, rubbish and any other words you use that don't feel good or kind to you.

It helps to find the words that you feel and that resonate with you, write them down and even speak them out loud there is a certain purging with the spoken word.

Ask yourself when and where did you start feeling these feelings, are they always there? Were you triggered by something? Triggers can come from what seems like nowhere, someone, something, a transaction, sight, smell, sound, noise, taste, a certain light, time of day, or a movement and suddenly you are reacting for what seems no apparent reason at all.

Write about how you feel whether it makes sense or not just start to write and allow it to come out without judgment or concern for how. You never have to read back.

Talk to someone, a friend, a partner someone that will listen with open kindness, or see a professional.

Set aside sometime in your day to sit quietly, focus on your breath and or listen to a supportive meditation.

Ask yourself have you taken care of your physical body with diet and exercise, time in nature and offline?

Are you making any time for the things that light you up? That you like, love and are interested in - passions, projects, creative endeavors, hobbies?

Could you benefit from more or less social interactions?

Can you feel a sense of gratitude for anything in your life right now? If not then start from where you are ~ like something you use and need every day, for example ~ your hands, feet, the clothes that keep you warm, your bed, your home, your phone, the food you eat, a warm cup of tea, a bowl of soup... How comforting and useful are these things in your life and how sad would it be without them?

Where can you contribute to others less fortunate than you, small easy actions like signing petitions, affordable food contributions at the supermarket (a can of 26p spaghetti hoops) Buying someone that needs a warm cup of tea or just giving a stranger a smile?

Make soup, take a walk, hug a dog, take a hot bath or shower, read something calming, get an early night, and be kind to yourself.

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Waiver- If you need help with your mental health please make sure that you see a specialist. This information is not a substitute for professional help. I write as a life coach, from my personal investment and development, learnings and personal experience, and how I manage my own emotions and life's challenges

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