Lost your Verve?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Have you lost your your verve for life?

When was the last time you took some time out for you with no interruptions, agendas or responsibilities?

Does life feel heavy, do you feel out of sorts, a little bulging, bloated, tired, irritable, dull, off balance, stressed, never able to lose that extra weight no matter what you do, are the effects of gravity creeping over your face weighing you down? Perhaps you have lost your edge, vitality and your sparkle?

Are you willing to accept this downward spiral of middle age as just the way it is?

What can you do that you have not done before? Diets don't work, foods are healthy this week, unhealthy the next, it's confusing, overwhelming adding more stress to your already busy life!

On a positive note - I believe if you are in basic good health you naturally want to feel better in yourself, that you ideally want to move gracefully through midlife with optimism, vitality and while maintaining your zest for life!

So how do you tap into your life force, your energy, your feel good? How do you stay lean when the odds are against you? What are your chances of maintaining a sharp mind, mental clarity, memory, and retaining a quality of life for as long possible.

The HH Reset is a lifestyle educational program not a diet, in just a nine days you will learn to make small daily changes that have big impact in your life, that you can transform your health and wellbeing into your best yet!

Small simple choices you make each and every day is the difference that will make the difference.

If you are around or over forty it is not even a 'should' anymore it is a must!

Whether you are overweight, suffering from aches, pains, dis-ease, effects of ageing, stress, emotional instability, relationship challenges, family demands, overworked, under joyed. Wherever you are at now it is a good time to start building and maintaining your healthful ammunition reserves and a strong immune, because it is now clearer than ever that your health is your wealth.

Your HH Reset week factors in easy simple ways you can practice - mindfulness, movement, exercise, healthy food choices, sleep building up your go-to homie self care!

One of the easiest and yet hardest places to start is what you put on your fork. Easy because you do it often, hard because old habits are hard to break. What you eat is one of the most important and fundamental foundations of feeling good!

The problem is that there is a lot of conflicting information out there, many diets few of which are continued, so how do you navigate without feeling overwhelmed and giving up?

Good, clean, real, nutrition is simple when you know how and can be done economically and time effectively from your own kitchen the HH Reset shows you how.

What you learn on the HH Reset 7 day Program.

no matter what age you are you can feel good in your body and your self.

how food that you eat effects and shapes your body, emotions and your life, something as simple as course correcting your food choices can turn your world around.

how to enjoy eating good, whole and nutritionally dense natural foods that don't cause reactions, premature aging and weight gain.

that you can make small incremental changes for impactful results and long life habits.

Fall in love with your life!


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