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Lost your Verve?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Have you lost your your verve for life?

Does life feel heavy, out of sorts, a little bulging, bloating, tired, irritable, dull, off balance, stressed, never able to lose that extra weight no matter what you do, are the effects of gravity creeping over your face weighing you down? Perhaps you have lost your edge, vitality and your sparkle?

Are you willing to accept this downward spiral of ageing as 'just the way it is!'

Do you find yourself asking - what can I do that I have not done before?

Diets don't work, foods are healthy this week, unhealthy the next, it's confusing, overwhelming, adding more stress to your already busy life!

I believe if you are in basic good health you naturally want to feel better in yourself, that you ideally want to move gracefully through midlife with optimism, vitality, while maintaining your zest for life!

So how do you tap into your life force, your energy, your feel good?

How do you stay lean when your metabolism is against you?

What are your chances of maintaining a sharp mind, mental clarity and retaining a quality of life for as long possible?

By now and at the tail end of a global pandemic prioritising your health and wellness is a non negotiable, but if you haven't started already or you started then you stopped, how do you find your groove and maintain health for the long run?

Here at Healthie Homie that's what we are passionate about - everyday habits that last a life-time and become as normal as brushing your teeth.

We teach you small, simple choices you can make every day that are the difference that will make the difference. Easy effective ways you can prioritise a practice of mindfulness, movement, good food choices and deeper sleep. We want you to build up your go-to healthie homie life!

Whether you are overweight, suffering from aches, pains, dis-ease, effects of ageing, stress, relationship challenges, family demands, overworked, under joyed. Wherever you are at now it is a good time to start building and maintaining your healthful ammunition reserves, a strong body and immune that protects you, because it is now clearer than ever that your health is your wealth.

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