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Loving Becoming You

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

We have all heard that life is a journey, not a destination. We can get caught in the everyday doing, working day in day out paying the bills and dreaming of completing our goals, often to find that once achieved, they do not mean as much as the struggles and pains it took to get us there.

Lost in the 'NEXT!' we often forget the importance of celebrating the now, who we are, who we have become, what it has taken to fully round us into the whole, beautiful, wiser person that we have become.

Learning to take stock and appreciate who has helped us to become the person we are today, think parents, partner, our kids, certain prominent figures in your life and they may not always be people you liked, in fact you may hate them. But there is no doubt without them you would not be who you are today.

I propose that you gift yourself with some moments of self-reflection, journal your thoughts on the above sentence, show yourself and 'those others', some gratitude for the learning, muster up your ability to see things from the bigger picture (reminder: who you have become) find in your heart loving, kind thoughts, create some positive affirmations, write some love notes to yourself and post them where you can read often.

For now wherever you are love, love who you are, where you are at and all the fullness, presence and grace you have become and are becoming. Celebrate yourself, your journey, your life and the love you share with those in your life, romantic or not.

Ways in which to celebrate love needn't be grand, in-fact can be simple and often best, here are some of my favourite things to do.

Set aside time for you, some hours in a day or even some days, whatever your life permits create some space to do the things you want and love, this is not a frivolous concept and I appreciate may seem like a luxury and it is because there are many people in the world that will never have this oprtunity or choice but I know that you do and can choose to create this space.

If like most women you are always looking after others, your family partner pets etc... Others constantly demanding of your time energy and resources, dominating your life from every angle perhaps even your sleep. The main issue with this situation is that eventually you are left feeling resentful and depleted. You do not want to enter the resentful zone this is where life falls apart, you fall apart and push those that you love and love you away

Some of the simplest things are the best and leave you feeling rested and refreshed. Just the act of claiming your own little bit of space and time can make a big difference to your everyday.

Here are some questions to start helping yourself to define, refine & carve out some space.

What do you love?

What are you not doing that you wish you were?

What did you do in the past that you would like to rekindle now?

When is a good time to do it?

Which part of the day (AM or PM)works best for you & your current situation?

What do you need to support you to do what it is you want to do?

Can you talk to those that you share your life with about you taking this time and why it is of high value to you and important that they support you.

Some ideas to stimulate your desires:

Write a book, a blog, make a movie, take photos, take up pottery, cooking, gardening, interiors, watch a movie, read a book, take a bath, self care, exercise, time with your friends, walk in nature, finish a project and so on...

You have permission.

Taking time out, to take time inside yourself, to do the simple things, take simple pleasures, sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission.

We are all on a journey, think how far you have come, the obstacles you have surmounted, the difficulties you have broken through and who has helped you along the way.

Who have you become, and who are you becoming, it's exciting to think you are still and always will be evolving and growing into your best version of you and yet can appreciate where you are at now.

Tell us in the comments below who you have become and want to be more of?

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