Stay Flexy

Maintaining the health of your back and spine is vital for longevity and everyday health, having a strong core (abdomen) will support your back, you also need a strong foundation from the base of your spine and up through each vertebra to your neck to the base of your skull.

To achieve and maintain a healthy, flexible, strong back practice movement through your back. See below a 1 min Yoga Hack video there are some movements you can incorporate immediately into a routine at home and if you are in reasonably good back health.

If not please see your health practitioner for advice.

Adding to your daily exercise routine movements that stretch, rotate, extend, side bend and strengthen through the back, surrounding muscles and connective tissue.

In traditional Yoga there are energy channels known as 'Nadi's' they run along either side of the spine. Working with the nadi's through movement, spine flexing, meditation, and specific breathing techniques can help release and alleviate physical and emotional blocks in the back, spine and overall body for better health and wellbeing.

In this video, I show you a quick look at the kind of movements you can easily do in just 1 minute or more, the results will be that you will feel energised, develop over time more flexibility in your spine, a stronger back, while releasing stagnant emotional energy helping to revitalise you.

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