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Stay Flexy

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

As we age we not only loose muscle mass, bone density, strength and skin elasticity but the cartilage between your vertebrae will start to wear down and degenerate. It will become thinner causing the vertebrae to move closer together which impacts the nerves and can cause pain. This can go unnoticed for some and cause a lot of discomfort for others for different reasons like job, life stress carrying excess weight or just making a wrong move.

However you can hopefully prevent or at least minimise and manage the health of your back and spine.

Spine health is vital for longevity and everyday health, developing and having a strong core (abdomen) will support your back. Developing a strong back from the base of your spine up to your neck is a good investment.

To achieve and maintain a healthy, flexible and strong back your exercise routine needs to include movement, flexibility and strength training. Movements that stretch, rotate, extend, side bend and strengthen through the back, surrounding muscles and connective tissue.

In traditional Yoga there are energy channels known as 'Nadi's' they run along either side of the spine. Working with the nadi's through movement, spine flexing, meditation, and specific breathing techniques can help release and alleviate physical and emotional blocks in the back, spine and overall body for better health and wellbeing.

Waiver if you are experiencing back pain please see your health practitioner for advice.

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