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Sugar Addict

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

"Too much sugar is bitter" Nepalese Proverb

The story goes, a mother brings her son to Gandhi, asking him to urge her son to stop eating so much sugar. Gandhi asks the worried woman to come back with her son in two weeks.

So the mother leaves, she returns two weeks later, Gandhi then obliges her by advising her son to stop eating sugar. The mother thanks Gandhi, but asks, why Gandhi Gi didn't you tell my son to stop eating sugar during the first visit? Gandhi replied, "Because I needed the two weeks to stop eating sugar myself".

Step 1, in Adicts Anonymous is admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion.

You may say "I don't have a sugar addiction, sugar is not a problem for me" I say give it up, and when I say give up, I mean give it ALL up for a week, that includes fruit's, dry and fruit's, and then tell me you don't have a problem with sugar cravings.

Firstly you will find out that sugar is in almost everything; secondly, you will become aware of when you crave it and why?

You may not eat the white stuff by the spoonful, but are you conscious of just how much sugar you are consuming in your foods?

A study of rats given a choice between sugar, saccharin and cocaine, they chose the sweet taste of sugar and sweeteners over the addictive highs of cocaine.

Dr. Hoebel, who studyied sugar addiction for over ten years, found that when sugar was taken away from the rats, they experienced drug type withdrawal symptoms shaking, quivering, anxiety and confusion.

When we consume sugar it causes the brain to release dopamine and opioids which are natural pleasure chemicals and we become addicted just like with drugs.

Too much sugar in our diets cause obesity due to unessary callories. According to the world health organisation, obesity has tripled globally since 1975. This is mostly due to high sugar diets and lifestyle choices.

Dangers of sugar.

Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet

Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

Sugar affects your immune function

Sugar accelerates aging

Sugar causes tooth decay.

Sugar affects cognition in children.

Sugar increases stress.

Sugar takes the place of important nutrients.

When you start cutting sugar out of your diet, you may go through some light withdrawal symptoms just like with any addictive substance. Symptoms include headaches, irritability, fatigue, etc. These symptoms soon pass, and you will experience the benefits of a sugar-less life.

The Ci7 followed correctly is an opportunity to reset and replace sugar addictions with real food that satisfies you and to experience first hand what it feels like not to rely on sugar to for your sweet cravings, as well as leave you feeling more energised and beautiful too!

Tips for removing Sugar.

  • Make/buy sugar-free juice options.

  • Eat less fruit & replace with more vegetables. You will initially find you are eating more at meal time to replace the sugar snacks you once reached for, that will ease off as you acclimatise.

  • Go easy on tropical fruit.

  • Remove dry fruit (very high in concentrated sugars)

  • Do not buy smoothies & juices (make your own)

Once the Ci7 is over, and life resumes remember cereals, cakes, crackers, desserts and fruit / protein bars are high in sugar, even if marketed as healthy, does not mean they are a good choice. Always choose a sugar free option.

Always read labels sugar comes under different names like; sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup, as well as barley malt, dextrose, maltose and rice syrup, among others.

The benefits of living Sugar-Free!

Lose weight & maintain desired weight easily

Feel happier within yourself

Concentrate better

Relieve PMS, Menopausal symptoms.

Clearer skin.

More energy, vitality & longevity.

Try a sugar free life and experience the joy for yourself.

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