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The Hero's Journey

You may have heard of the hero's journey, if you have not you will recognize it in every great story, biography & Hollywood movie. Star Wars was written in a collaboration of sorts with the man himself the great & late mythologist & author Joseph Campbell who constructed the Heo's journey, which you could say is an innate and integral part of being a human in this tapestry we call life.

in 2015 I created a program called the Quest a 12-month program for women.

These 12 monthly workshops are designed to build upon each other to facilitate & uncover your pain, regrets & grievances in order to open your heart to the power of possibility, vulnerability, and imagination.

Building on your own personal & well-rounded resume of an accumulated often eclectic life-times acknowledging skills that are often overlooked and or misplaced in a patriarchal world exhausted by wear and tear, women's wisdom lost within everyday struggles, breakdown, heartbreak & burnout.

We tap into our dreams, longings, and blocked outpourings, giving ourselves permission to create the life we envisioned within the life we have been blessed and given wrapped with

in the present moment.

Below is the Hero's Journey process in brief.

The Hero’s Journey | The Quest

1. Ordinary World

2. Call to adventure

3. Refusal of the call

4. Meeting the mentor

5. Crossing the threshold

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies, unification of transformation

7. Approach the innermost cave, overcome fear, the pit of despair.

8. The ordeal

9. Reward or seize the sword.

10. The road back or return home - to the ordinary world but never the same again.

11. The resurrection, the same person but transformed.

12. Returned with the elixir

If you are interested to join The Quest 24 please message me to join the waitlist.

Your best health

Emily XO

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