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Updated: Jun 8, 2019

You are perfect exactly where you are now.

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed" Albert Einstein.

Driven by outside forces, to grow fast, move forward at a rapid pace, to be successful, wealthy, smart and sexy, to be socially politically and emotionally PC, to be the 'perfect', whatever that is, mother, parent, partner, lover, home keeper, house builder, recycler and so on ... It is exhausting!

For some ignoring all of it is a worthy path, for others keeping up at the sacrifice of other responsibilities and showing up just in time works.

Yet, if we truly look, step back and observe we find ourselves judging each others coping mechanisms based on our values, adding fuel to the fire of the current modern day fight or flight stress and anxiety epidemic.

The pressure can feel heavy, like a knife between the shoulders, breathlessness in the chest, and a tightness through the body. Spoon-fed by the poison of our time 'comparison', the social expectation we hang upon ourselves, the beliefs we adopted at some point in our lifeline, that we should be somewhere, that we are mostly not, most of all the high expectations we have for ourselves.

Wherever you are why not celebrate each other, to see the good, the effort, the struggle and just how far we have come.

What you have right now is perfect. Choosing instead to see that what you have and who you are is perfection, and always has been.

Like an intricate woven tapestry, your life is a beautiful journey, including highs, lows and everything in-between

Allowing awareness to move into each day with ease and presence.

A gentle life is something I have pondered. A motivation for relocating my small family from busy London to the coastal town of Margate, Kent.

I have had space to cope better, to calm my nervous system and make self-care not only possible but a priority. However, and ironically, I find found myself busier than ever and often feel triggered by all the above mentioned. The difference might be my reaction and that I am no longer strangled by myself.

For now, I encourage celebration, celebrate life, life's wins, twists, and turns, discuss life's loss, gains and learnings, grow into your imperfect perfection, most of all take the time to stand often in awe at life's unfrequented beauty especially when life feels tough.

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