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What to wear for summer workouts

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Layers, support, protection, and hydration.

First, you will agree on comfort. Layers are good because you can be either warm or cool and in the northern hemisphere the unpredictable summer season weather demands you be prepared.

Second support. Let's start with your feet, taking care of your foundations with a decent pair of supportive-fitting trainers.

Breasts, boobs, bazookas, what ever you call them there is nothing worse than ill-fiting chest support, whatever size you are sporting your boob support can make your fitness experience better. When looking for a sports bra try and test, It should feel snug and is not supposed to be loose, something along the lines of comfortably tight, and still that you can move freely.

Thirdly -Skin protection means high-factor suncream on all exposed skin. A cap for extra face protection as well as keeping your hair back and you cool as you work out in warmer temperatures.

Carry with you and drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.

You don't need fancy, branded, or expensive sportswear find what works for you.

Fit For Purpose!

Emily Healthie Homie

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