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What to Wear for Winter Workouts?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Working-out in the elements of winter means taking a whole new look at what you wear to training. My clients often ask me what they should add to the training wardrobe?

I am outside from 6 AM through the seasons, being prepared for cold & wet days is vital. I get cold easily & live on east coast facing the frontline North- Sea, wind is an understatement, our horizon homes Englands largest wind turbine farms.

Winter non- negotiables.

  • A good warm, light winter training jacket -wind & waterproof

  • Trainers - that have a decent lift & support so that you are off the ground,

  • Thicker, longer sports socks that cover your ankles & that gap between your legging/trousers.

  • A hat/beanie

  • Gloves

  • Kneck warmer

Scientifically proven raising your body temperature is specifically achieved through your head, hands & feet. That means you can stay warm by wearing a beanie hat (cap summer keeps sun & hair out of your eyes) gloves, warm socks & good trainers - all make a difference to your comfort factor & can be removed as you heat up in your training.

Nothing to do with seasons or temperature, I strongly suggest good chest support for women, there’s nothing worse than impact & no support, it makes your training session harder than they need to be.

The rest of your kit is up to you, it does not have to be fancy - leggings/track bottoms/vest/T’s/sweat shirt etc. Use what you have & or invest in one workout fit that you feel good about yourself in, think of it as a reward for taking action & building your everyday Hello Healthy Habits!

Dont let the weather determine your fitness goals you are in charge & remember summer bodies are made in winter!

Stay active stay warm this season.


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