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Who am I to write a cleanse program?

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

To the right is me presently, I am 44, to the left I am in my early 20's, I may look happy, actually I was drunk, I started drinking and taking recreational drugs when I was 14, I had lost my mother at 13, by 15 my home was gone, I had left school and joined a punk band.

At 16 I trained to be a fitness professional and got a job, I also found ecstasy and the 90's club scene. As you can imagine I was a bit of a hot mess, by 18 my health and well being started to crack, I was burned out and a traumatized child in an adults body.

I started to take responsibility by getting help and changing my life around, this took many years of starts and stops, much time and financial investment.

I am still on that path of learning, growing and evolving, however, I am now and happy to say, a grateful, blessed woman, with an abundant, prosperous, beautiful life!

I turned around what was once not so good, into the life I love and with that investment I now get to help others to transform their own personal challenges into their greatest gifts.

I am not a Dr, nor am I a scientist, hell, I am not even a nutritionist!

I am a health and wellness coach, and a woman on a mission to be comfortable in my own skin.

The Cleanse in 7 is the by-product of my own journey…

As a 10-year-old girl and under, I often watched my mother change in front of her bedroom mirror, sizing herself up, side to side, from the front and behind, she would berate her body for being too fat. She was not fat, she was a very slim, attractive, sexy woman, but she didn’t see that, she would ask me, the small girl observing this grown up, “Do you think I am fat?"

I had no concept of fat and how to measure fat, I thought, that if I wished my mother to be the most beautiful woman in the world, that she might be happy and in turn love me more. So I answered her, “No mummy you're not fat”! And I kept on wishing.

My mothers, mother brought her up on a diet of beliefs, that to remain slim, to restrict your diet was of highest value if one was to marry well. Three generations later and my twelve-year-old daughter has never been asked if she thinks ‘I’ her mother is fat? Instead, she sees me taking good self-care, with healthy moderate and balanced food choices, the occasional blip and overindulgence, exercising, and caring for my appearance. The affirmation that I have programmed into my daughter is that she is the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out!

So therein began my journey to be slim, as did so many women of my generation and the generation before, but not just slim, it was the 70’s and 80’s Sindy, Barbie, Bay Watch, Hot Gossip, Studio 54, Farrah Fawcett and Charles Angels, all hair, legs, sex, and glamour, followed by the ’90s forever teen body, Miss Moss, and Co. The media frenzy for supermodel worship.

At 18 I first became aware of the unrelenting unexplained digestive issues, that were to plague me and pretty much direct my diet, life, and direction for the following 26 years, I was in pain, bloated, up and down on the scales and never truly happy with my weight, myself, or how I looked, in my mind I saw an ugly, odd, pale, tall child, wearing strange clothes that didn’t quite fit. In school I was the oldest, tallest and last to kiss a boy, actually, the boys ran past me in the playground shouting 'lanky!' Amusing to me now, not so at the time. In the big scheme of life's plan that passes no man without each our fair share of pain, loss, and suffering are small fries. Such are the details that make up our lives and who we think we are and so who we become.

I happened upon my life work, because of my own struggles. Helping others, to heal, supporting women to love themselves and the body with self-help tools like yoga, exercise, and nutrition.

Your health and wellness journey may be just at the beginning, or you may be some way down the path. Like many no matter how you try to lose weight you just can’t seem to, you are tired of diets plans and the next how to book, perhaps found that the weight has suddenly increased with age, or have a constant battle with your self-image.

The Cleanse in 7 program advocates practical lifestyle choices that include good, real, easy, food from your kitchen. Eating nourishing produce, celebrating life, moving your body and stilling your mind while filling your thoughts with self-love and appreciation.

Join us for the next Cleanse in 7

I can’t wait to see your transformations!

With love Emily

PS. For your entertainment a little piece of my history & to highlight that you do not join a punk band if you are happy! & yes that's me on lyrics 'Strange Girl' Paranoid Visions.

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