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I'll definitely do it again- I still feel clearer in my head and body, and more even somehow. I'm keeping up the hot water and lemon in the mornings, with a smoothie too... plus coffee! 

Tory Young / Editor Telegraph

“A total reset, hard at times but lots of support from Emily and everyone else in the group plus the daily advice & recipes. I'm eating well, I've lost weight, I'm less tired - its absolutely worth it."

Tamsin Landells / Mum  / Architect

"I can honestly say that Emily’s guidance and encouragement has helped me to feel good about myself for the first time ever. I have been given the tools to know how to look after myself both physically and mentally. Thoroughly recommended!"

Jane Howard / Mum / Stylist

"It has been a life changing experience to work with Emily as a PT and nutrition coach."

Dietmar Henke / Business Man / Yachtsman

"Doing the Reset & personal training has transformed my life for the better. Emily has a wealth of knowledge, pushes you & supports you fully. I was in a place where I didn’t know which path to take after some turmoil, I can now see the light and know where I’m heading. Still maintaining and enjoying the H/H lifestyle too." 

Gemma Bailey / Mum of 4

Thanks Emily- definitely would not have stuck with it without you and the group! Thanks for being so encouraging, I definitely feel clearer (my main aim) and more my essential self somehow. Can't wait for a cup of coffee though!

Emily Young / Mum / Writer
 I felt like a new woman...Thank you Emily for a wonderful week. I really enjoyed the cleanse and will now keep the juicing up as part of my day. 
Vanessa Nagle / Working Mum
I feel like I've removed some of the clutter from my brain as well as my body. Thanks for the inspiration and support I feel really pleased that I managed a whole week of Reset and would do it again. 
Shelagh / Mum / Business owner 
Never felt better, it was tough but I have learnt a lot about myself and my choice of foods. I lost 7lbs and I have gained a tonne of knowledge, the cleanse was a super experience, I am as proud as punch of myself. 
Leyna Rodgers / Mum

I was amazed at how strong I felt afterwards.  I lost a few pounds but gained so much more than that.  Your text messages and emails really helped me & I have continued juicing and mini fasting every morning afterwards 

Sarah / Designer
The Reset has got me out of a food rut & I am making better food choices. I feel great have slept well this this week, less hot flushes, less anxious moments & the group gave me some laughs ,which kept me going.
Ciara Nagle / Mum
I'm so pleased. I feel great! I lost weight & I've completely changed the way I think, buy & cook food. Before the Reset I used unhealthy food as a reward, now I  reward myself with healthy good food instead. I am now sleeping great My life is hectic but prep and self love is the key.. Thank you for the cleanse group it was great company. 
Hilary Teefy / Working Mum
The Reset was a fantastic & inspiring experience, eating delicious living foods, breaking the cycle of unhealthful eating habits. I came away feeling amazing in my body & mind. Emily was on hand offering food ideas, diet & exercise tips as well as to guide us through the more challenging moments of the week. All in all a wonderful experience & I am looking forward to repeating soon. 
Amy  Lebert / Mum / Dance teacher
"Doing the Reset with Emily was awesome! She provided just the right support and guidance I needed to make it feel easy and fit into my busy lifestyle. As a result I have lost 3 kg, my skin has cleared up and I have much more energy than before!"
Lisa Rottenberg / Mum / Coach
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