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We are glad you are here! We want your health to be easy because we know life is already taking everything you’ve got! We believe in everyday healthie habits to making the change you want to see in your world. Wonder through our site subscribe and let us do the rest!



Every body is different finding what works for you is key so that you can build & enjoy a life long relationship with exercise that fits into your busy lifestyle & gets the you the results you want!


Healthie Homie offers you guidance that is easy, healthy & delicious. You will never feel deprived or restricted & all applicable in your own kitchen.


Your mental wellbeing is equally as important & we have a no nonsense approach for you to maintain everyday equilibrium even when life pushes you over the edge.



A life changing experience to work with Emily as a PT & nutrition coach! — Beth - Mum & Business owner.

H/H Life Reset

I can honestly say that Emily’s guidance and encouragement has helped me to feel good about myself for the first time ever! — Jade, Financial Marketing

Personal training that fits!  

Because every body is different.

Image by April Laugh

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