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  • Can I drink soda / diet soda / carton juice / store smoothies
    None of the above are on the Reset permitted food lists you will be taking a break from all processed foods & drinks
  • Can I drink alcahol on the Reset?
    As with coffee and smoking alcohol is not on the Reset.
  • Can I smoke
    Like Coffee smoking & the Reset do not go together to feel the benefits of a reset it is best to give up smoking and then do the reset. It could be a great opportunity to give up smoking.
  • If I eat healthy food for a week isnʼt it the same thing?
    Not really because everyone has a different idea of what healthy food is and how certain foods react in your body giving you either results you do or donʼt want. The reset is a week long education into what works for your body and by staying committed each day you will embed that learning into every cell of your being and once you know what you know you can’t un-know.
  • I am pregnant can I do the Reset
    The Reset is a very gentle eating plan and you could do it while pregnant as there is plenty of food choices and you can eat as much as you like/need. However I do not recommend that you do the Reset while pregnant. You can consult with your Dr.
  • Is the Reset Vegan?
    There are vegan, vegetarian and meat choices in the recipes.
  • I have a childʼs Birthday party can I eat cake?
    We suggest while on the Reset program if cake is an option prepare to replace with something Reset friendly.
  • I have young children can I do the Reset?
    The Reset is viable while caring for a young family s there is plenty of food choices & you c5n eat as much as you like/ need. It is also a great education for your kids to see parents eating whole natural foods, letting them get involved with the prep and & making their own smoothies is always super exciting for the little ones. This will give them the kind of healthy foundation every parent wants for their family.
  • Is the Reset a diet?
    Here at HH we are not fans of the word or concept diet in the context of weight loss. We advocate the idea of lifestyle choices, healthy habits for life rather than yoyo diets and fads. Encouraging moderation over restriction, removing what is unhelpful and replacing with knowledge of what works for our individual body, needs and circumstances.
  • Is the Reset a juice cleanse?
    No though juices & smoothies are on the menu but not compulsory.
  • Can I do the Reset on my own in my own time?
    Yes you can do this on your own however in my 13 years of facilitating this reset many have tried and failed. In theory it is easy to follow I provide you with instruction guidance and recipes for the reset week, however the group is golden - because the group dynamic is where the magic happens supporting you through challenges, holding you accountable and seeing you to the end successfully.
  • Why in a group?
    Moving together in a group is powerful because we realise we are not alone in our struggles and that we can reach out for support or at least know it is there. Hearing & seeing others struggle we can relate and normalise are fears and challenges and make shifts easier than when alone.
  • I don't like preparing food/cooking
    Again - This may not be the program for you you might be better finding a healthy program delivery service.
  • Are eggs permitted on the Reset?
    Eggs are permitted if you do not have a reaction after eating eggs, if you do notice discomfort or a visible reaction from egg consumption you could remove to experiment excluding from your choices.
  • What kind of food can I eat on the Reset?
    You will receive permitted & non permitted food list along with guidance & recipes for the reset week. The basis of the reset is whole & natural mostly plant based foods, cooked & raw, you can be vegan or a meat eater adapting the recipes as you like.
  • I don't have time to prepare food
    This may not be the program for you you might be better finding a healthy program delivery service.
  • Why Reset?
    Bad habits are easy to adopt and hard to shake off, can make you feel tired, hold excess weight and not feel very good about yourself. The 7 day reset supports you to make the small changes that have big impact rewiring you for choices that support your best health so that you can feel confident to make healthie habits stick.
  • Can I eat out on the Reset?
    Yes you will revcieve guidance while on the Reset
  • What equipment do I need?
    Electric Juicer. Blender or a Nutribullet . Cooking pots. Chopping boards. Sharp Knives. Storing Jars/containers. Fridge. Bottles, Jars, Lunch carrier/small cooler bag for taking out and about.
  • Can I drink coffee?
    Coffee is not permitted on the reset. You can return to coffee post reset there is no way around this, if you do not give up coffee then the reset wont benefit you. If you do give up coffee the magic is on the other side I promise!
  • What is the HH Reset?
    A 7 day supported, guided group nutritional program with lifestyle suggestions to clear away bad habits and replace with healthie habits so that you look, feel and think better.
  • Why are certain foods not permitted on the Reset?
    There are certain foods more than others that can cause irritation, inflamation, intolerance and allergies. These effects can be unknowingly lived with for years with some mild to more serious physical and mental reactions. By eliminating theses foods form your diet for 7 days you will be able to know which foods are best avoided for you. Think of it like being given a personalised navigation that tells you as a physical response when you are off track, and you will know how to get back on track.
  • Is the Reset a raw food program?
    There is plenty of cooked food recipes with raw food choices optional.
  • Can I eat energy balls/protein bars/healthy processed snacks?
    Processed snacks like chick pea crisps are a no. Balls & bars As long as they are eaten within moderation and processed sugar free.
  • Can I order take out /eat out or ready made meals
    You can eat out & follow the Reset guidance of permitted foods, take out is best avoided as are ready made meals.
  • I have a family to feed, my partner & kids wont like it?
    At first you may meet with resistance, however by the end of the week the partner and the kids are enjoying trying new fresh foods and appreciating that mum is much happier because she feels better about herself. Longterm family food choices change for the better and married couples start to get along, it is like a family intervention by way of food and is 5 win win for everyone involved!
  • Can I travel while on the reset?
    Yes as long as you are willing to be prepared
  • Can I drink energy drinks.
    No energy drinks and hopefully you will never need to ever again.
  • I am on medication can I do the reset?
    Please speak to Reset facilitator. You will need to get permission from your DR to do the Reset
  • Can I have dairy on the Reset?
    We suggest that you removes dairy for the 7 days while on the reset program and reintroduce post reset if you choose.
  • I donʼt have time to follow a plan.
    You may not think you do, but what you need to ask yourself is - do you have time to feel rubbish, ill or that you should be starting some kind of diet every Monday? You can save yourself a lot of head space by investing in 7 days of your life to learn how to make healthy easy for life.
  • Will I have to cook separate meals for everyone?
    This is your choice, and maybe something that you do anyway within your family home, if you have the extra time and can do it with love then great, if you resent having to cook for each individual family member you may take this as an opportunity to set some boundaries that will releive you from your kitchen duties so that you can do more of what you enjoy and want to do. There is information on making healthy family choices in the program.
  • I am breast feeding can I do the Reset?
    The Reset is a very gentle clean eating plan and you can do it while nursing as there is plenty of food choices and you can eat as much as you like/need. However if you are concerned please consult with your Dr.
  • I have a pre booked engagement at the beginning / end of the Reset can I end the Reset early?
    It is your choice when you start & end the reset I recommend that you complete the 7 days for best results however doing what you can in the time you have is a good start & definitely better than not at all. There are plenty of opportunities to do it again fully.
  • Do I have to spend a lot of money on food for the Reset?
    I have made the reset program very affordable and if you can’t afford it email me and we will find a solution for you to do it. It is designed to be applicable to people from almost every kind of socio-economic background. You will spend a little more than normal on fresh foods and because you will be looking for things to replace what you can not have on the reset week. I have made the reset recipes from food you can prepare in your kitchen the difference will be that you will buy a lot more fresh foods & this may put your shopping bill up more than normal. There is the CHOICE & it is OPTIONAL to purchase the superfood powders that I mention on the reset but these are not compulsory, they just make the reset that bit more interesting and while you are clearing up your diet why not? If you can afford to add these in then those extra nutrients are a bonus. All the recipes are made in your kitchen. You can also buy snacks, certain take outs and eat out while on the reset all of which I will advice in the program.
  • I have social engagements during the week of the Reset?
    Where possible social engagements are rescheduled and replaced with rest and self care for the duration of the reset if this is impossible due to work/family commitments etc. Drinking sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lime instead of alcohol.
  • Can I eat meat on the Reset?
    We suggest taking a break from red meatand replacing with white meat for the 7 days.
  • Will I be hungry on the reset?
    You will not be made intentionally hungry on the reset there is a huge choice of foods that you can have whenever you want there is not a strict agenda around meal times or snacking, but there is a discipline around what you eat. Your mind may struggle at times in the week because the mind does not like to be restricted but once you move through that using the guidance and support of the program you will break through and serve you long beyond the reset week.
  • How long are PT sessions in a block?
    30 minutes twice a week.
  • What is the aim of PT sessions
    It is individual depending on your intentions & goals. Mainly & generally we aim to build strength, stamina, muscle & endurance. All of which support over all physical & mental health, wellness, weight maintenance, longevity & may support freedom from disease & ill health.
  • I am a mum can I bring my baby/child to sessions?
    Yes you can as long as you are happy to do so. This can be discussed.
  • Do you work with beginners
    Yes I work from where you are at to build toward what ever your goals are and a way that works for you.
  • Are sessions always the same exercises?
    PT sessions are kept varied with different exercises & cycling equipment for interest & motivation & so that you get the most out of all your workouts physically & you don't feel bored.
  • Which area of UK do you offer your PT?
    Isle of Thanet, Kent & mainly Margate, Broadstaires, Ramsgate & Dumpton Gap, Sandwich & some of the surrounding areas.
  • What if I am looking to gain weight?
    Exercise & diet guidance will help you to achieve your goal to gain weight.
  • I have an injury, have been ill or have an ongoing illness can I start PT
    Once you have proof of permission from your GP/ Dr regarding your injury and or illness you can start PT.
  • Are your services gender inclusive?
    Yes we are inclusive everyone is welcome.
  • I have had a miscarriage / baby loss can I start PT.
    Firstly we are sorry for your sad loss. You can start PT once you have written permission from your GP / Dr.
  • I am pregnant can I start PT?
    We do not specifically work with Pregnant people It is best to wait until baby is born & you have permission to start exercising. Alternatively find a practitioner that works specifically in this area.
  • Do you work with all ages?
    We work with over 18 and above unless working within an educational environment.
  • Why is exercise important?
    Exercise is beneficial for physical & mental health, wellness, weight maintenance, longevity & may support freedom from disease & ill health.
  • Where do you offer PT?
    Healthie Homie is mobile within the Isle of Thanet. We meet where is convenient for you, your home, beach, or local park. We offer a combination of online & in person if you are away for work/travel or for what ever reason choose. We also offer online sessions if you are not in the Thanet area.
  • Do I need special clothes?
    You do not need to make a special purchase unless you so wish. We do expect you to wear supportive trainers, for those requiring a sports bra it is recommended. As well as weather supporting clothing that can be removed if needed in change of body temperature. In Winter - we advise you wear gloves, hat & a protective jacket. Summer - Wear sunscreen & a cap Always bring your water bottle.
  • Will exercise help me loose weight?
    If weight loss is your goal exercise will support your journey. Exercise is more than weight loss, which means that it is part of a wholistic approach to getting you to your ideal healthy weight & keeping it stable in a balanced everyday way. Exercise supports weight maintenance with a compatible diet.
  • How much are the sessions.
    Please go to the price plans/service page as prices differ depending on what you are looking for.
  • Can I pay as I go for sessions?
    Sessions are purchased in blocks of 8 & are monthly.
  • I have just had a baby/breast feeding can I start PT
    You can start PT depending on the birth & once you have permission to start exercising from your GP/Dr.
  • What do you do in a 30 minute session?
    You will start with a warm up & a stretch, followed by an intense workout mainly using weight like kettle bells, hand weights, bands, TRK & body weight. Boxing, Interval training & some cardio depending on your needs likes & dislikes. We don't do anything you don't enjoy or find your body can not do & within reason. We aim to build strength, stamina, muscle & endurance.
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